10 Tips for Buying Shoes at Foot Locker

We all need shoes, but many of us don’t care what kind of shoes we get or where we get them. The sales pair at the local Walmart may do so. But for many people, the type of sneaker they buy is essential. High-end athletic shoes are big business for stores like Foot Locker. For some sports fanatics, it’s nothing to spend hundreds of dollars on a new pair of Nike or Adidas shoes created by a basketball star. Many will track the release of the shoes and wait in line to get a team – it’s crazy!

If shoes are your favorite, you’ll want to know how to use Foot Locker to your advantage so you can own the hottest releases in the sneaker world. Use these tips to help you make the most of your next Foot Locker shopping trip, in-store or online.

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Become a VIP. If you shop at Foot Locker regularly, you’ll want to sign up for a VIP membership. It’s free to join, and you’ll get instant access to the unlocked portion of the Foot Locker website. By signing up, you’ll get birthday deals and free benefits throughout the year. You’ll also get a $10 discount on your next purchase of $50 or more. If you spend $300 or more in a year, you will automatically be upgraded to a Platinum membership. You’ll receive a special welcome offer, a $10 rewards card for a $100 purchase, a $15 rewards card for a $150 investment, and a $20 rewards card for a $200 purchase.

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Download the app. The Foot Locker app offers a Launch Locator feature that allows you to conveniently pre-order new sneakers from your mobile device without waiting in line. Each store has its own reservation process, so you can review the instructions before completing your reservation. Then, you can use the My Countdown feature to see how long you’ll have to wait to pick up your new shoes.

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Check the release calendar. Not sure when your new sneakers will be available? Check out the release calendar, and you’ll be able to find out. It’s displayed in chronological order. You can search three months at a time and filter by brand. Or you can purchase the New Arrivals section. Foot Locker isn’t just about shoes. You can also buy clothing and accessories, making the store a one-stop store for all your fashion needs. This is especially useful for the upcoming school year. These trendy duds will make you the best-dressed student in school.
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Shop the sales section. Find cool sneakers and clothes in this section and save big. Many shoes are available for up to $40 off. There are nearly 400 pages of deals, so take a look and get your back-to-school closet all in one place – for less money.

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Use the search function. In the search box, you can enter a product number or keyword. You can also search by brand or sport. So whether you’re looking for a specific shoe or some general merchandise, Foot Locker’s website allows you to search and shop your way.

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Get updates by text. Send a text RELEASE to 562-537, and you will receive text notifications of upcoming shoe releases.

Sign up for emails. When you sign up for emails, you will receive special offers and information about exclusive sales. Enter your email address at the bottom of the home page.

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Use promo codes. Foot Locker’s home page usually advertises a code that can be used at checkout. This code may offer free shipping, a minimum dollar amount discount, or a discount on your purchase. This code can save you money, so don’t forget to use it if your purchase qualifies – most sneaker purchases qualify, although there are some restrictions.
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Purchase gift cards. If you’re looking for a sneakerhead gift and don’t know which pair he wants, your best bet is to get a gift card. Foot Locker gift cards never expire, and there are no fees. You can ship them to the recipient for free or send them via email. Gift cards can be used online, in stores, on mobile devices, or phone orders. They range in denomination from $10 to $500. If the recipient doesn’t like the shoes or they don’t fit, a gift card can save the recipient the hassle of returning them.
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Foot Locker is a great place to find sneakers inspired by your favorite sports stars. You can get the hottest shoes at the best prices with the tips above. So check out the release calendar to find out when and how to get new Ste.